Configuring this thing.

Nov 28, 2007 at 2:25 PM
Hello Everyone.

So I've got the latest version of meeting place (0.6 final) configured and I get video
but how to configure asterisk?
I found an old doc in google cache from when these guys had this on the 1videoconference website
(which I think 1vc sounded better than vmukti.. how you even pronounce that?)

it says to create extensions 1110-1116 in sip.conf but I had a test user getting extension 1118.
it says to create an extension 680000 for the conference.. I created exten => 680000,1,MeetMe(680000) and yes I put that in the meetme.conf as well .. no dice. then I find this software is making new conference extensions like 680006 and 680008... wtf!!!!!

help please.

(note to the vmukti devs.. please document the vmukti -> asterisk connection better please!!!)
Dec 26, 2007 at 2:07 PM
well, since the vmukti devs feels it fine to say their software works with asterisk and then neglects half of the relevant information to make it work..
I have to say I can't recommend this solution to any one.

I made this post a month ago, I've made repeated requests on the shoutbox for
the example sip.conf/ that were supposed to be packaged with meetme.
(please see the readme pdf and the section called external pbx and how it clearly says to replace said files with 'provided files' that are NOT provided)

All requests have gone unheeded so that just tells me their support is going to be dodgy as well.

Maybe when the vmukti devs do a better job of documenting things and learn to package their software better (something about just doesn't sit well with me.. how about I can say vmukti is a fine solution, but at this point thats a long way off.