Why Develop VMukti?

Jun 5, 2007 at 2:39 PM
Here are my thoughts on why products like VMukti are required:

There's an increasing demand of P2P unified communications platform that allows Web 2.0 to collaborate & share Rich Media contents & modules.
With the explosive growth of broadband users, Market needs to deliver innovative IP based services like IPTV, IPPBX, etc.,
Government and NGOs and people have shown increasing inclination towards open source software.
Because of increasing network security threats, industry will require Firewall and NAT friendly Collaboration software.
Market requires an all-in-one web 2.0 software that enables cost effective video broadcasting, streaming & conferencing.
As the world is getting "flatter", more and more organizations across the world require rich media social collaboration and service delivery platform to cater to their customers. VMukti aims to fill the gap.
With Real-time Video communication getting popular, to avoid large servers, high bandwidth, & Proprietary hardware/ software cost, organizations are increasingly looking forward to OS P2P grid computing conferencing software like VMukti.

Any more thoughts on this?